Kalparrin is a charity that makes a positive difference in the lives of families and carers of children with special needs.

Despite providing services to carers and children with special needs in WA for decades, Kalparrin’s main problem was awareness. With a determined marketing team and strategy, they decided to relaunch their brand backed by bold photography, splashes of colour and high-profile fundraising events such as Up & Away Day.

I assisted in the design of the whole suite of marketing materials that followed the brand new style guide and developed Kalparrin’s new website in-house.

With more exposure in news media across TV, press and digital avenues following the rebrand, Kalparrin were thrilled to receive a notable uptick of more memberships and donors.

Up & Away Day

A corporate video created to support Kalparrin’s ‘Up and Away Day’ event. A large group of children were selected to participate in an event sponsored by Woodside, Qantas, air BP and Perth Airport. The kids were given the opportunity to be flown around WA for the day, for some of them this was their first time flying. This was a great success for Kalparrin in its fundraising efforts.