Curtain & Blind Co is an online business that sells DIY bespoke blinds and curtains.

From mid-2019, I worked on Curtain & Blind Co’s catalogue imagery as a 3D artist and designer. Prior to their rebrand, I also worked with the predecessor, The Blinds Company to produce marketing collateral for digital channels and on product photography.

One of the challenges when working with a wide product range with different variations is producing consistent, high quality product photography at an affordable price.

Given the high manufacturing cost and lack of shoot locations, the economics of 3D rendering for product catalogues work out quite well.

I was able to side-step this issue for Curtain & Blind Co. by creating complete 3D interior renders that showcase their products and most importantly, how light realistically reacts with the product when in use.

Curtain & Blind Co. will be launching in January 2020 with a fully rendered catalogue of products.

Before Curtain & Blind Co was founded, it traded as The Blinds Company for 6 years prior.

In addition to creating the digital marketing materials, I did the product photography and photo retouching for all product segments ranging from curtains to roller blinds.

At the time, 3D rendering wasn’t economical so photographing real samples of the product was done followed by heavy-duty retouching to ensure every single product variation (colour, style and fabric type) was represented on the website. By using a standardised format, the products were arranged to be easy to browse and compare online for prospective customers.

The hard work paid off and The Blinds Company became a self-sustained successful business after several years of operation.

How to measure & install

An animated video I produced with Adobe After Effects to briefly illustrate how easy it is to install the product.