Stockland is one of Australia’s largest property developers.

During my time at Groves & Groves, I was tasked with creating brand materials for Stockland’s WA estates including, Amberton, Corimbia, Whiteman Edge, Calleya, Newhaven and Sienna Wood.

The client’s main objective in their campaigns was to increase high-quality leads in their sale centres and convert those leads by marketing their estates as enviable places to live.

I worked with G&G’s creative director, Dewi Groves, to produce the branding for the sales centres, as well as the wealth of supporting materials inside them and around the estate. With my breadth of skills, I was able to bring these sales centres to life.

With successive year-on-year sales growth in a difficult market, Stockland were very pleased with the creative work’s role in exceeding sales expectations.

On display here is a collection of work produced for Amberton Estate.

Newhaven: Faces & Places

An excerpt of corporate videos produced for Stockland WA with interviews from real residents about how they feel about living in Newhaven.